There is no such thing as balance

I keep hearing about finding balance in life. I think it is supposed to be a motivational catchphrase and I’ve seen it on social media a lot. My life has no balance….for example-yesterday was a great day! I went to the gym and was able to get in a good workout. I did dishes, laundry and the house was relatively clean. Then, I picked up pizza and took the middle girls to the pool for an evening of fun. We stayed until dark and had a wonderful time. I got in over 12,000 steps on my fitbit. Today however, we all slept in and missed the last day of VBS. I highly doubt I will make it to the gym today. I am un-showered, haven’t eaten and my kids will probably watch a lot of screens because I need to work and clean the house. My fitbit step count will most likely be depressingly low.

I believe this thing called life balance to be an unattainable idea. It’s more like a see-saw (teeter totter?) with highs and lows. One day I might kick ass and take names and the next day I might just do the bare minimum to make sure my kids are fed and not wallowing in filth. ┬áIt’s called life and when one thing goes up the other inevitably goes down. When my house is clean, bills paid, errands run and workout accomplished my children are not also read to, taught school, projects organized for them and fun adventures had. You have to choose what your priorities are every day.

This concept of balance implies that all things are managed equally and no one thing suffers for the sake of another. It’s kind of an impossible standard because in order to focus on doing one thing really well, everything else must take a backseat. (IMO) It is just the ebb and flow of life and it brings me comfort on the low days to embrace that concept and know that it isn’t permanent. It’s also not failing if life isn’t balanced….it’s just called life and you are rocking it, good days and bad.

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