Summer is Hard

So I haven’t blogged in an age and the title of this post should clue you in as to why. 🙂  I love my kids and I love summer but this summer with a toddler and two busy school-agers (not really a word I think!) it got to me. Most of my stress was self induced, like, were we having enough fun, why won’t the toddler sleep at night, why does the sun stay out so late and therefore so do my children? You know, just your average summer thoughts. It is a lot for anyone I think to have three (really four in my case) kids that all need you all day every day. Also my husband worked a ton this summer (hello $$) but that meant I was solo parenting more too…it’s a catch 22 but we are thankful for the overtime mostly. I will admit that I got to a point where I was questioning being a SAHM and started looking for a job. The thought of being in an office working quietly all day is very enticing I have to say…

Hahaha, seriously, some days I was there!

That being said, we did have a lot of fun together this summer and some great little trips. (big vaca still to come!) I had plenty of perfect summer days and did manage some time to relax too. My tan is not what is was in previous summers for sure, but neither is my life, ha!

Before, I always wondered why people were so dramatically excited for their kids to start school in the fall…I mean I get it, kids, but I felt like summers were the best, lounging by the pool, summer camp and no early rushed mornings! Then my children kept multiplying and so did the demands and the mess and suddenly there was no lounging anywhere anytime, much less by a pool.

I GET IT, really and truly…I about cried and definitely did a happy dance when school started. Also, best thing ever, the toddler is starting preschool two mornings a week! So great for her and for me too! I feel like I am less frantic and rushed for the first time in a long time and hopefully that will equal more blogging and gym time. I am a mother of simple needs but despite what my children think, I do actually have some! 😉

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