Dining Room Refresh-Coming Soon!

My house is a constant work in progress and I love to update, redo and rearrange my rooms until they work for us. My dining room is fairly small and right now, kind of lackluster. Frankly, it’s a bit boring. We spend a lot of time in there and I want it to be a space that looks good and feels good. Part of the reason it is so boring right now is the fact that I have had no plan for this room. Well, not any more! First I would like to show you my inspiration dining room…

I love this dining room, it speaks to me 🙂 The chandelier is amazing and I love the soft gray on the walls mixed with the blues from the rug. I do not currently have a rug in the dining room because of kids and crumbs but I feel it adds so much warmth and color to the room that it might be worth the hassle.  Nesting with Grace is an amazing design blog and she has a great tutorial on how to do a mood board for a room. So I made one and I can’t wait to start a full dining room refresh!


This is my summer project (well one of them anyway) and I can’t wait to show you the before and after!!!

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