Weekend Recap

                 After feeling like spring had been taken away, never to return, this weekend was finally beautiful and we were able to start our garden! We are tilling up and framing in garden beds in one corner of our yard.

My lofty goal is to be able to get all of the vegetables our family eats this summer from our own garden rather than a grocery store. I will still get our fruit from farmers markets but my hope is that we will not have to buy veggies from the store this and all future summers! I would love to learn to can as well but right now…baby steps. 😉

Baby girl loved being able to run freely around the yard exploring and as long as shoes are protecting her from the dreaded earth, she is happy to run and play outside.We ended up having a fire and enjoying the evening Saturday night and it has made me look forward to summer so much! 🙂


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