It’s May already!


May has snuck up on me as per usual and life continues to go at warp speed. Our garden is 75% planted. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cantelope, carrots and asparagus planted already. We still need to plant the peppers and lettuce and border the garden with marigolds. I read somewhere that they are great at keeping bugs and pests at bay.

The school age girls have little more than three weeks left of school and are really looking forward to summer! We joined a new pool this year so we are all excited to check it out. 🙂 The 19 year old is working and recently (finally!) got her license so she is making good use of the second car we bought this spring. The toddler is walking, running, climbing and generally destroying everything like toddler’s do.

Most days I barely feel like I get anything accomplished. Managing everyone’s schedules/needs and attempting to keep up with laundry, clean, pay bills, grocery shop and feed little people is all I can manage most days. I have so many grand plans, ideas and to-do lists that may never be completed or at least not in this season of life. That is something I struggle with, accepting that now is not the time for me and my goals and hobbies or career. I know from experience that life never slows down or gives you the time to pursue what you want, so you have to just try I guess and do it anyway. I think I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist or have my goals set too high and I get easily discouraged when things don’t measure up. I’m working on it… 😉 Anyway, here are some goals I have for the month of May…

♦run at least 5 miles (I’m just getting back to this post baby and then surgery!)

♦finish planting garden and border flowers

♦two blog posts (with fun content and pictures!)

♦finish sorting girls clothing and donate at least three bags of excess or out grown clothing

♦read at least one book (I have to have some easy goals too!)

It may not seem like much but my calendar is already jammed this month!!!  What are your goals for May? Does anyone even make goals for the month or do I just love to set myself up for failure? 😉


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