I may be a newbie blogger but I have been following some amazing blogs and truly inspirational women for a long time. These women blog about all kinds of different things and come from all walks of life, but they are all mothers and they are all inspirational to me. I firmly believe that in order to live your best life, you must surround yourself with people (real and virtual!) that uplift and inspire you. I have people in my every day life who are amazing at what they do and are goal oriented and motivated. They motivate me! I often feel lucky just to be in their sphere and tagging along….maybe one day I can achieve some of what they have. I do know that I will never stop trying to improve myself and trying new things. Whether or not all of my goals are ever reached, at least I can say I tried. No regrets! We really only have this one life and it is too short to be surrounded by negativity, from ourselves or others, or to be limited from following our dreams, however big or small. These bloggers I follow embody all of the values and goals I myself have and try to live by….

Momastery Blog       Glennon Doyle Melton- if you haven’t heard of this woman or her Love Warrior book,  check it out right now! She is simply amazing and one of the best authors and speakers around.

One Little Momma   Kilee is an amazing fashion blogger who also runs her own business selling life changing leather earrings.

Nickel & Suede 

I have a slight obsession and have several pairs, they really are amazing! I may also have a t-shirt….

Jen Hatmaker– I adore her blog and all of her writing..she is funny, heartfelt and genuine. I read her book Seven and it was amazing, dare I even say, life changing? Her Facebook and Instagram are hilarious…can’t say enough good things about this beautiful woman. 🙂

Jen- IHeart Organizing  Her blog is full of tips, stories and absolutely beautiful pictures of ways to organize spaces. I get inspired to be neater, better and tackle projects every time I visit her blog! She has a whole team now of amazing bloggers who fill the space with organized beauty….sigh…I need to take a break while I go clean my kitchen and organize my book shelves…I will continue this post in a part two! 🙂

to be continued…..



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