Fun things to do with kids this summer!

Well, it’s been another age since I’ve blogged and summer is looming large again. I still have hopes of cranking out some blog posts in the future but we all know summer with kids at home is possibly even busier than the rest of the year! I do plan on having a super fun summer with my kids regardless…trying to enjoy every day with them as I know they are short lived. (some days that is much easier said than done though, #amiright) Anyway, I thought I would share my list of some fun things to do with kids this summer in case you were looking for some ideas. 🙂

The main summer fun for us is the pool. We belong to a local pool and try to go several times a week.
Other fun options are the Children’s Museum, Science Museum and the Botanical Gardens which has a great splash pad. These all cost some money however, (especially the more kids you have! 😉 ) so they are visited less often.
Regal Cinema has dollar movie days on Tuesdays throughout the summer (check out their schedule here ) and most bowling alleys offer summer deals as well for kids.
I am excited to explore our local farmer’s market and load up on fresh produce!

We will most likely make a pie or find some other great recipes to try. Getting kids involved in food prep and cooking almost always guarantees they will eat it! 🙂 In my home that is a major win.
There are many Library events/crafts as well as several splash pads to explore. We also have plans to check out a different park every week.
We will have plenty of at home days too, where we make popsicles, have a car wash, play with sidewalk chalk and have friends over to play!
I really like this simple summer schedule from the Happy Home Fairy 🙂

We do have one vacation planned and a few summer camps as well…I think it’s going to be a great summer! #famouslastwords

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